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The Virtual Onkaparinga Woollen Mill Project

The Virtual Onkaparinga Woollen Mill has been a really well received and entirely new collaborative effort between Onkaparinga Woollen Mill Museum Inc. (OWMMI), TAFE SA Screen and Media (CGI & VFX), and TAFE SA Air-conditioning and Refrigeration located at the Tonsley Campus.

The project aim was for TAFE SA students in the 2019 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CGI and VFX Specialisation) to complete a virtual museum prototype for the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill Museum (Inc.) The project combines 3D scanning, modelling, animation, sound, and string simulation to bring the machines of the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill to life, in a modern digital experience for anyone to enjoy on their computer, phone, tablet, or VR equipment. This proof of concept showcases the transferable knowledge, and far reaching opportunities for TAFE SA graduate students, across a broad range of industries and sectors.

A collaboration with TAFE SA has been sought for some time. TAFE SA Air-conditioning and Refrigeration recently had a grant that allowed them to spearhead purchases of some cutting edge (and exceptionally expensive!) 3D scanning, photographic, VR and AR equipment to explore new ways TAFE SA can train students, and also train graduates in industry. TAFE SA Screen and Media (CGI & VFX) were interested in training students in how to use the hardware/software, as it is a natural evolution of the skillset that is already provided to students.

There were some existing contacts at OWMMI who were looking to engage student interest in the wool industry through TAFE SA. They have several beautiful wool milling machines at their museum within Building 21 on the old Onkaparinga Mill site in Lobethal. An agreement was reached with OWMMI to run a student project as a prototype of what a virtual museum could look like. A representative from OWMMI joined the students and did some voice-over work. The students also learnt about how the machines function. The reaction from the students has been excellent and very well received.

The relationship with OWMMI is now strong, and the talk is about future projects which could develop into a yearly collaborative project. The goal is to expand student opportunities beyond just the entertainment sector, and also hopefully spur some discussion between Creative Industries at TAFE SA and defence, manufacturing, real estate, and a number of other sectors.

A great opportunity linking the creative of the past to the creative of the future

Hugh Langlands Bell, Shannon Baldock, Stuart Sandow, Larry Keig